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Worth it Wednesday: HP Instant Ink

Since I’ve gotten into planning, I’ve needed to use a printer a lot more. I had a good printer – until Ursula jumped up on it and caused it to fall down. When I went to use it, it didn’t do anything but light up. Thanks, Ursula.

Hp Instant Ink ReviewThat meant buying a new one. I had seen people online talk about HP Instant Ink. I was ver intrigued – but more on that later. To use the program, I needed a specific printer from this list of about 20. Problem was, none of them were in my range of $50.

I started looking at the price of printers in-store, hoping I could catch a good sale. No more is the days of a $40-$50 all in one wifi printer. A giant office printer for that price? Yes. But I didn’t need or want a giant printer.

On the verge of giving up, I went back online. I just googled the shit out of compatible Instant Ink printers. It was one of those things where you go from interested to must have.

Finally, I found an HP desk jet 3620 at Walmart. I confirmed with HP that it was compatible – since on their list it is 3610. So I ordered! It was $60, compared to $100 for the 3610. But $60 was still a bit high for me. Luckily, I’ve had the Pannel App on my phone. It’s simple – download the app, which records how you use your phone. Keep it for two weeks, get $10. Every month after that, get $5. Super simple easy money. I cashed out my $25, and suddenly my printer was more affordable.

Onto Instant Ink. Here is how it works: for $2.99 a month, you can print 50 pages. You get more prints a month, for a higher cost of course. I’m fine with 50 prints. I’m also fine with how the math works out. It’s 2.99×12, which equals $35.88. That is a buck less than a single replacement ink! Just one! I figure I’d use 2, maybe 3 black and color ink cartridges a year. That would be $221.94 a year! Instant Ink is a huge savings. Even if you get a higher print count, it still works out cheaper. Plus, if you go through my link, you get a month free.

So how does it work? It is considered “smart ink.” It connects to the Internet via your printer. It is able to track how many prints you do. It also tracks the ink levels. What is awesome about Instant Ink is you never run out of ink. When the ink(s) get low, HP automatically sends you more. So unless you decide to print your 50 pages the night before your ink arrives, you should always have enough ink.

Overall, the printer and the ink service is totally worth it. The printer prints well and Instant Ink saves you a fortune. I can’t recommend enough!

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