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Worth it Wednesday: Kairos Box

Unfortunately, this is my first not so worth it Wednesday post. I recently ordered a Kairos box. I was super excited about it too. This is their concept straight from the website:

“subscription service that delivers a themed curation of accessories, jewelry, stationary and home decor from independent artists directly to your doorstep. Each month, you will find a themed box filled with a collection of handmade items that are dedicated to bringing inspiration, loveliness and creativity to all of our customers.”

Doesn’t that sound like it would be awesome? A box of super pretty things. Every month!

I was able to get the subscription at half off in order to review it. Those to know me know that $15 is still a lot for me to spend. I’m a cheapo to the core.

My first issue is that it took forever. You order a month ahead. I had completely forgotten about it by time I got the email saying that my box had shipped. Most boxes ship the same month you pay for them. These you buy a month ahead.

It did come in a very cute box. It is all wrapped up like a present. It is even personalized with my name.


Inside was a hand written letter. That was pretty cool. You can tell it isn’t super personalized, but it does have my name on it. That’s nice.


A look inside the box.


This is my favorite part of the box. A big candle. It is called, Sophisticated Bitch. The name makes me laugh.


The top was melted though. Bummer.



Next are some earrings. I have no idea what exactly they are. Maybe sticks, maybe antlers, maybe f’s? I’m not entirely sure. Or how to wear them.




Then were temporary tattoos. They are really big. Bigger than I would ever wear. And a little strange. I’m 22, not 6.


There was this note included in the box. It explains the random letters that were inside.


Now, I feel like this was a good idea, but not for a subscription box that you pay $30 for. Plus it isn’t a craft box. And you don’t even get the whole alphabet. They are pretty much useless to me. Can’t even spell my name.


The last was a little poster card. I think shes a devil thing? Idk, I’m not a huge fan of it.


Well, I guess this is really the “last thing.” A advertisement card. No clothes, just the card. That’s kinda lame. When I pulled it out I was excited that I was going to pull out a tshirt or something. No such luck.



Overall, this box is definitely not worth the $30 a month. Maybe $15 for the people who have it to spend, but not for me. I was pretty disappointed.

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