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Worth it Wednesday: Blurb Books

The first time I worked with Blurb was actually a few years ago while I was studying abroad in London. I didn’t even make the connection until I was half way through the process of making this one. Whoops. Anyway, when I ordered, I had needed a book for my photo book class. I hated that class but having a super easy method of getting a book printed was helpful.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do this time for my Blurb book. They have a section where you can check out creations from other people. You can even buy some. I saw a really awesome cookbook. I decided to go that route and make a Christmas Recipe book.

For Christmas cookies, we have about ten recipes we choose from. Some are in different cookbooks, others on recipe cards. I do plan on moving out soonish, and eventually, get a big girl job somewhere. Who knows if it would be around my parents house. I knew it would be easier for me to have my own recipe book instead of having to call my mom up everytime I wanted to make special cookies.

Worth it wednesday: blurb review

It was pretty easy to make the book. If you’ve ever made a photo book with Shutterfly or a similar site, you just drag and drop photos and you are done. It is a bit different with Blurb. You can choose to either download their program (free) or use a template with InDesign (not free… well the template is. But not the program.) I didn’t feel like relearning InDesign, so I went with their program. You can download templates, so it is easier to do more drag and drop stuff.

They also have a Facebook tool for making books. Right now they are only $12.99!

Worth it wednesday: blurb review

If you have issues figuring things out, they have an excellent help section. Once you are done with your book, it will make you check it over. Then it automatically uploads it straight to the site. Kind of cool.

Worth it wednesday: blurb review

I’m really happy with the way the pictures printed out. Almost all of them are pictures I took photos of in a scrapbook. The rest are cell phone pictures uploaded to Facebook. I kind of feel like the images turned out better printed than they did when I took the picture.

Worth it wednesday: blurb review

You can see they printed them pretty big. Look how adorable I was. 🙂

Worth it wednesday: blurb review

You have to pay a bit extra if you don’t want the blurb logo anywhere in the book. But I don’t see an issue with having the logo on there. It’s tiny and on the last page. If it is honestly that big of a deal, you can just cover it with something. But I don’t find it an issue.

Worth it wednesday: blurb review

Overall, I’m quite happy with Blurb. I absolutely love my recipe book. They are pretty average on their prices. My book, which is medium sized, cost around $25. But they run specials all the time, so that’s definitely a plus in my book! (haha)

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