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Women’s Holiday Gift Guide

Women are hard to buy for. I know, because I’m a woman. Because even though we love clothes, makeup, kitchen stuff, etc, we only like CERTAIN types of that stuff. You can’t just buy any shirt off the rack. What if you get the wrong size? What if that lipstick is one of her least favorite lip colors? And so on and so forth.

While my guide may not solve all your possible gifting problems, it should be a good start. I’ve split it up into NUMBER categories: Beauty, Makeup Tools,

Please be aware that some of these items are sponsored. But I only recommend items I personally like.

Unwashed Try Me Kit – This stuff is amazing. You may have heard of going ‘no poo’ or not using shampoo. This not really shampoo shampoo allows you to still clean your hair but without all the bad stuff in normal shampoo. With this kit, you get a “shampoo,” “conditioner,” and hair mask. It made my hair feel so clean and soft.

Kiss Bliss Tarte Lip Set – I personally have a thing about lipsticks. I love them. I have way too many. What I like about this set is that they are liquid lipsticks with lip liners. They go on really easy and stay on all day long. I can’t say that about many lipsticks.

House of Lashes – Once, not actually that long ago, I shaved off half my eyelashes on both eyes. It wasn’t pretty. To not look like a complete idiot, I had to start wearing falsies. I highly recommend this brand – plus with this set, you can wear the perfect style for every occasion!

Marc Jacobs Palette – Honestly, I don’t know why I really like this palette. It really is no different from any other high-end brand. But it says Marc Jacobs and comes in a pretty purse. So every woman needs it.

Confetti Sponges – Stupid face sponges are expensive! I don’t understand why. But they work so well to blend makeup. This five piece set would make a great stocking stuffer.

The Graceful Eyeshadow Palette – I’ve been wearing the shadows from this palette for about a week and a half now. They blend so pretty! I’m always shy about wearing color and not just neutral on my eyes. But I feel confident with this shadow to wear the purple and blues!

I was lucky enough to try almost all of these brushes. I guess I never realized how different good quality brushes are to the cheap everyday brushes. Trust me, they make a huge difference. Plus I am in love with all of the cases. I love having matching everything.

The Bold Gold Travalo is this super cool tool that allows you to take your perfume with you where ever you go. You simply pop off the cap on your large perfume and pump a small bit into the Travalo. Now you can smell great everywhere!

I could go on and on about all the awesome stuff women (or at least me) would like as gifts. But then my post would never end!! What do you want most from this list?


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