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Wizard of Oz Review

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I recently had the amazing experience of attending the Wizard of Oz at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. My niece, my mom, and I all got to attend. 

First thing – this show is LONG. At points I was more than ready for intermission/the end. My little niece even fell asleep right before intermission. It’s really not a show for kids under six for that reason. 

That said, I did still love the show. The music and singing was fantastic. I had two favorite parts. The first was the song “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” with the munchkins. They were so fun to look at and watch dance. Plus the song is so sing-songy and catchy despite being a song about murder. 

My second favorite part was the song/act “the Jitterbug.” Talk about a catchy song! Just writing about it makes it stick in my head. But watching the characters dance and sing was wonderful. Plus it woke me up a bit for the excitement of the ending. 

Overall, this is a great show for older kids and adults with a bit of patience. It is long, but worth it if you can stick it through. 

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