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WIW: KipNip Box


I have an obsession with subscription boxes. I love the idea of them. Presents once a month! Because my cat is my life, she needs presents too! Thus, the KitNipBox.

For $20 a month, you get a box full of at least four toys/goodies/treats. For ten bucks more, you get six or more goodies. I got to test the bigger box.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 7.53.29 PM

It arrived like this. I like that it has the name on it so I immediately know what I’m about to open. Like a present that has a tag on it.


I like the presentation. Thank you notes are always good! Plus because the goodies are still covered, it makes the surprise even longer!




I LOVE that you get a list of what exactly is in the box.


The first look!


This is the mint ring. When a kitty chews on it, their breath is supposed to smell better. I have no idea if it works, as Ursula completely ignored it.


These are cute little candies. They have catnip in them to attract kitties. My cat completely ignored them at first, because she is a big jerk. I had a lot of fun throwing them at her repeatedly. She would act like she was going to catch them and then ignore them.


After a few days, she finally warmed up to them. I wouldn’t say she super enjoyed them, but she did play with them a few minutes.

IMG_5694 IMG_5698

Next is the mice ball. I thought she would love this because it rolls around the ground. But no. I don’t know if it is too big, or what. When I push it around she intently stares at it, but never goes after it. She is such a weirdo.


Once she finally started playing with it, it was more tap it, follow, tap it, follow, etc.


This is the beer bottle toy. I think it is hilarious. I don’t think Ursula has ever checked it out. What cat doesn’t like catnip toys??


The feather duster toy is paws down her favorite. She loves the fishing wand toys. I had a ton of fun rubbing it in her face while she went insane trying to kill it. She even let my niece play with it with her! They played about 15 minutes before Ursula decided she was done tolerating her. That’s pretty long for Ursula.

I’m pretty sure there are crack in these treats, because both Ursula and my dog Mia, LOVED them. If the box had only gotten these treats, Ursula would have been fine. They both heard the bag open so I gave them both treats. It usually takes Ursula a bit to eat her treats, while Mia stares intently at her waiting for her to walk away from it. It was gone is about two seconds. Then they went between staring at me and staring at the bag for about a half hour. 


The last toy is the chocolate bar. Again, it is filled with catnip. I don’t think Ursula even knows it exists. My niece thought it was cool, though. I think it is a little too big for a cat dog. More a small dog toy.


Overall, I am super pleased with the KitNipBox. I love getting things for Ursula and a box full of toys definitely qualifies! This is a great monthly box if your cat is like mine, and hides every single toy under the couch, fridge, your mother’s bed.

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I love how your cat reacted or didn’t react to the toys. She has her own personality. Each cat is different and our pets need to be spoiled sometimes too!

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