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Worth it Wednesday: Independent Guide to Universal Orlando 2016

*I was given the opportunity to review this at no cost. All opinions are my own.*

*This post includes affiliate links*

Independent Guide

I’ve never been to Universal Studios in Orlando. I’ve been to Disney World about 5 times. But for some reason my family has never gone to Universal. It’s a little hard to give up a day in Disney. But now that Universal has a whole section for Harry Potter, it is definitely on my to-do list.

I got the opportunity to check out this great guide book, Independent Guide to Universal Orlando 2016. What I love about this Independent Guide is that no matter when I buy it, it is completely updated. My version is from Winter 2016, and there are things in the book such as “opening in summer 2016.” If you buy the book in the summer, I’m sure it will have been marked to open.

I’ve included pictures of the table of contents so you can see just how much this book covers.

Independent Guide Independent Guide

What you need to know about this book is that the pictures are all in black and white. This really isn’t a problem for me, because it’s not like it is a kids book or a book I will be looking at every day. As long as it has pictures, I’m happy.

Independent Guide

My favorite thing about this book is all the awesome tips it has. For almost every ride and attraction is lists a tip. A tip about getting in faster, when to visit, what to look for. I love this. I feel like most guides just tell you about the attraction. This guide even tells you how much the average wait time is.

While I got the physical copy, you can also get an ebook! I love ebooks, especially for travel. Plus it is easier to make bookmarks for quick catch up reading. The best place to buy this book, plus others in the series, is on Amazon. Check it out!

Have you ever used a guide book for trip planning? Have you ever visited Universal? Let me know in the comments below!



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