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Worth it Wednesday: Craftsy

I love to crafts. I always have. When I was little, my parents owned a dry cleaners. My mom had a little table set up for me with toys and a tv (I watched a lot of awful basic channel kids shows). All the time I would get to do a craft kit. I was a weirdo child who read way too young, so I could read the instructions and figure out what to do. I loved it. So I blame my mom for how crafty I am. 🙂

Worth it Wednesday: Craftsy

Nowadays, I don’t so much do the ‘make a friendship bracelet’ or ‘design your own paper doll clothes.’ I like to do paper crafting in my Happy Planner or crochet during the winter months.

That is why I like Craftsy. You get super detailed tutorials on how to do pretty much any craft. Crochet amigurumi?  They have ‘classes’ for that. Learn how to use your Silhouette? Check. Heck, learn how to garden (without the hassle of pretending to know what you are doing when in reality you are just making it up?) Heck yes check. And they have so much more.

Here are a few of my favorites. Click the pictures to learn more!

bonsai design

food gardening for everyone

patterened paper

silhouette next steps

silhouette savvy

travel scrapping

woodland animals

Have you ever tried a Craftsy class? What did you think?

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