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Worth it Wednesday: Alpha Lifestyle Center and Cigarette Smoking

Smoking. So many people do it. And it is SO expensive! As someone who is broke, I can’t understand spending money on something that you just burn away. If I’m spending money on something that just goes away, it better be food going away in my belly.

So how much will you save by quitting? If you buy one pack of cigarettes a day, you are spending around $1000 a year. Each additional pack of cigarettes you smoke adds another $1000 a year. To get a more personalized estimate, check out the government smoking website.

Smoking cigarettes also ups your health and life insurance rates. For example, life insurance is around $30 a month for the average 30-year-old. For an average 30-year-old that smokes, that rate jumps up to around $65 a month! That’s double the price!

You could use that money so many ways. If every time you saved the money instead of buying cigarettes, you could buy a used car, treat yourself to a trip, go to Disney for a couple days, buy a new pet and pay for everything up front, etc etc.

I recently came across a really cool way to quit smoking: laser therapy by Alpha Lifestyle Center. According to their site, “Our program combines principles of ancient acupuncture with modern laser technology and pairs that with behavior modification and detoxification to offer individuals a unique, comprehensive and alternative approach to nicotine addiction without pain, needles, drugs or side effects.” If I did have a smoking problem, I think I would much rather just spend the money to quit right away, instead of wasting a bunch of money on gums and patches and then finally doing it the right way.

For more info, check out the video!

Right now, if you use the code “stingythriftybroke,” the sessions are BOGO! It ends on the 9th of March. You must call them before March 9th and mention the offer when booking. You have to keep the original appointment, but you can make it for whenever is convenient.


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