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What to expect once you’re a dumpster diver

You’ve got the supplies, you’ve got the goodies. What else is there? Lots!


You WILL get cuts and bruises. One time I sneezed and jammed my face into the lip of the dumpster. It chipped my tooth. Another time the wind caught the lid and fell down on my head. Hard. I had a headache for two days.

But pain is gain right?


There is a good chance you will become a hoarder. From what I have gathered about divers from connecting on Facebook groups, most divers are hoarders. You get so much stuff – but you don’t actually need it. I would be a bad hoarder if my dad didn’t love to throw things out so much. 10302365_10205125763011770_7913923045286083510_n

While I’m not saying only take what you personally need, I am saying have a plan before it comes home. Are you going to sell it? Donate it to a shelter? Give it to a friend? As long as you have a plan, you shouldn’t become a hoarder.

You will get to try new things

Food diveThis is especially true if you food dive. My family almost never ate pork chops. Then I found two cases every day for two weeks. We had never tried beef brisket before I found it (it’s gross by the way.)



You will become accustomed to the finer things.

My family has a $200 Keurig. I wear more money dumpster dive haulon my face in makeup then some people have in their bank accounts. I now know what good quality sheets, blankets and pillows feel like. We have a $300 rug in our pantry. My cat has a condo that originally costs more than she did, or would have, if she hadn’t been my foster.

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