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Warby Parker – the Smarter Way to Buy Glasses

*I got free glasses in exchange to review the process of ordering with Warby Parker. This post also contains affiliate links.*

Every year I get new glasses. My eyes are always getting worse. Only a little bit, but a little bit after a little bit adds up. Last year I got Coach glasses. Yes, they looked awesome, but holy crap they were expensive! I think I paid $200ish out of pocket. My insurance covers around $79.

Warby Parker - the Smarter Way to Buy Glasses

This year I decided to skip getting my glasses and just got my eyes checked. Of course, my eyes got worse. Surprise, surprise.

With my eyes (well, technically just my left) getting worse, I still needed glasses. I decided to check out Warby Parker. If you’ve never heard of them, they are an online prescription glasses store. They are MUCH more reasonable than a normal eye glass store.

The coolest part about Warby Parker is the Home Try-On program. This is where you start when picking out your glasses with WP. Picking out glasses online can be tricky because a photo of you with a pair of glasses kind of shown on your face doesn’t always mean they are going to look good. What if you get them and they look like crap?

Warby Parker - the Smarter Way to Buy Glasses

With the home try-on, you can pick out five different pairs of glasses to try on. You get them in a cool box, all ready for you to try. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this picture:

Warby Parker - the Smarter Way to Buy Glasses

Those are all the different glasses I tried. Yes, they are all the same shape. I can’t help that that is what I like! I ended up going with number four.

One thing about Warby Parker is that most of their glasses are on the trendier side. You aren’t going to find a pair of old lady glasses here. Which isn’t a problem for me, but I know that not everyone wants trendy glasses.

Warby Parker - the Smarter Way to Buy Glasses

Once I picked my pair, I just had to send in my prescription. As I said above, I just went to the eye doctor for a visit, not to buy glasses. I made the lady print me out my script, which she didn’t seem super happy to do (because they get commission on each pair of glasses they sell.) Oh well.

To upload, you have to take a picture or scan in the script. I just took a picture with my webcam and cropped it so you couldn’t see me. It worked perfect!

It took about a week for my glasses to get here. I was incredibly impatient. I wanted my glasses!

Overall, I am super happy with my new Warby Parker glasses. The process was very easy. Sure, it isn’t as quick as going into the doctor and getting your glasses right there, but the money you save is definitely worth it!

Warby Parker - the Smarter Way to Buy Glasses

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2 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    I just got done with my home try-on and am eagerly awaiting my glasses. I’m also incredibly impatient so I’m hoping for some reason they come in sooner ;). My doctor was also not as pleased when I said “no thank you” when she asked if I wanted to go check out their frames. In the past I’ve always purchased RayBan’s but I wanted to switch it up and not pay that price.

    • ninamcclain93 says:

      Mine was not happy either! Well, the ladies who sell the glasses. My doctor strictly does examples. The ladies were pretty jerky to me and I had to ask for my script a couple of times before they “remembered” to give it to me! Maybe if the prices were reasonable, people wouldn’t be leaving!

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