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Viraltag Review

I recently decided to try Viraltag. It is a new (at least for me) way to schedule posts for social media.


Before Viraltag, I used hootsuit. I’ve found that I really like Viraltag a lot more. It is super easy to schedule the same posts over and over.

For example, I can clone a twitter post. I can then set it to go out on one day, then five minutes later, then three days later. Pretty cool huh? I can do the same with pinterest and facebook! I know there is also a way to do Instagram, but I haven’t tried it yet.

What makes this social media manager different is that you can install an extension in chrome to pin images for future posting right from a website! I think that is pretty cool.

You get a free two-week trial. After that, it really isn’t that much per month. About the price of a Starbucks drink with a few extras. 🙂


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