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Vegan Coconut Water Smoothie *Guest Post*

Feeling a little lost on your journey to a vegan lifestyle? Look no further! I’ll help you go from lost and confused to enlightened and confident in a snap!

With VEGAN IT UP! I’ll show you how to take your most favourite non-vegan recipes and turn them into a dish that will knock your newly vegan socks off!

Vegan Coconut Water Smoothie
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Here’s a recipe that’ll get you excited for the challenge: THE BOMB DRAGONFRUIT SMOOTHIE!

-1 dragonfruit
-1 banana
-2 cups coconut water (you can use real, straight from the coconut type of water, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on that. Or just use canned coconut water from your nearest store, both are just as good!)


1. Grab your loveliest blender.
2. Put ingredients inside.
3. Blend until your heart is content 🙂
4. DRINK and be merry!

Fun Fact #1: Coconut water is basically life. It contains potassium, which keeps your heart healthy, and is great for weight loss (because of it’s low level of calories -> 19cals/100grams)! So drink up!

Fun Fact #2: Need I say much about the delicious, God-given fruit that are bananas? Bananas are filled with fiber, potassium, vitamins B6 and C, protein, fat (the good fats), magnesium and copper! And there is soooo much you can do with that very yellow, curvy thang: nice cream, smoothies, cookies, cakes, bread, face masks, etc!

Fun Fact #3: Dragonfruit is rich in antioxidants, get that vitamin C! Also, fatty acids (once again, the good kind), vitamin B, carotene and protein. They are also so cute and perfect for insta pics!

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