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Valentine’s Day Handprint Crafts – Guest Post

Although it may seem far away, Valentine’s Day is nearing, and it’s the perfect time to get crafty with the little ones. From a lovable monkey swinging from branches, to an adorable turtle under the sea, Personal Creations made it simple to create Valentine’s Day handprint crafts you can gift to others or hang in a frame for all to see!

Print out a template of their favorite animal and have them put their hand in washable paint. Then apply their hand on the template to create an outline of the animal. Once dry, help them complete their craft by gluing additional pieces to the animal such as a fin for the fish or hooves for the pigs! Using a few basic materials and a small handprint, your little one can create a masterpiece craft this Valentine’s Day.

Grab these printables and more from Personal Creations!

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