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Awesome Desk Supplies to Up Your Desk Game

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I recently decided that I needed a desk to work at when I’m blogging. There is just something about sitting in a computer chair at your cool desk that makes me want to get to work. I’m much better at accomplishing things if I’m working at my desk vs working in bed.
Awesome Desk Supplies to Up Your Desk Game
But you can’t *just* have a desk. That is no fun! You need to decorate it. Mine is supposed to be a Doctor Who desk. I have a cool Tardis pencil holder and Cyberman poster, some drawers are lined with a Tardis print, and my baskets have yellow, blue, and white ribbon on them in line like the Tardis. But then I also have a cool camera post it note dispenser (see below) and a black cat bowl thing.
Oh, my desk is also a crazy mess. That is why you don’t get a picture. Because it is kind of embarrassing. But at the same time, I need all the things!
This week is supposedly ‘get organized’ week. Having a desk is supposed to make you organized. And I kind of am, in my own way. I decided to put together some super awesome collections of themed desk items. One for cats, one for Doctor Who, and one for cameras. I had no idea there was so much camera themed office supplies out there!


Doctor Who

doctor who office supplies


camera office supplies

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