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How to Travel on a Tiny Budget – Guest Post

How to Travel on a Tiny BudgetMy life is basically all about working with a tiny budget. But I’m also 23-years-old. I want to get out there and travel. Traveling is fun – it’s an adventure. And despite being someone who would rather chill in bed instead of going out clubbing, I still like adventures. Some of my favorite life experiences have been when I traveled solo.

When I saw this article about traveling on a tiny budget, I knew I had to share it. Unless you are a millionaire, everyone could use help with saving on travel.

You’re broke. You’re bored. You’re looking to get out of dodge. Sometimes, summer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and you’re “summer of fun” ends up consisting of little more than hanging out on your parents’ couch, watching Lifetime movie marathons.

Well, fear not – it’s not too late to salvage your summer! We have a few tips on how to travel this summer on a tight budget.

Get a group together. Traveling on your own can be expensive. Even if you’re just couch surfing across your home state, gas isn’t cheap. Going in on a trip with some friends allows you to split the cost of expenses, like car rental and an Airbnb.

How to travel on a tiny budget

Avoid eating out. Restaurant tabs can add up. If you’re booking a trip where you’ll be on the go a lot during the days, pack snacks and easy lunches, like PB&J sandwiches that you can bring with you. If you’re traveling with friends, consider an Airbnb reservation instead of a hotel – having a kitchen available to cook meals can save you some serious dough.

Explore the great outdoors. While traveling to a big city can be great and provide you with tons of fun options of things to do, many of those activities – like museums and tours – will also cost you a pretty penny. Selecting a vacation that involves things like hiking, camping and swimming won’t cost you a dime – and you’ll get some exercise, to boot.

How to travel on a tiny budget

Take shorter trips. Recognizing peoples’ desire to travel, but a lack of funds, travel companies are increasingly providing packages for shorter trips. Weekend and four-day vacation packages are easy to come by now, especially for things like cruises. So, consider a weekend getaway to recharge instead of trying to make it a week-long endeavor.   

Wait until the end of August. Peak summer travel is from mid-June to mid-August, which means that everything from flights to hotels are more expensive. If possible, put off your trip until the last half of August – you’ll save some serious cash and give yourself something to look forward to.

Avoid tourist traps. If you’re traveling in a city, it’s easy to get sucked into the glitz and glamour of certain areas designed to attract out-of-towners. However, you’ll end up paying more by eating at restaurants and visiting venues in these areas. Instead, choose to stick to eateries and bars that locals visit.

Book a hostel. Hotels can be pricey, especially when you are staying in the main part of town. Hostels are a cheaper alternative that provide dorm-style accommodations. They used to be called “youth hostels”, but now provide beds, kitchens, and activities to people of nearly all ages. Many hostels can be booked online and they are very popular and common in countries outside of the US, particularly in Europe. Some hostels even provide meals with the cost of your stay and can be as inexpensive as $15 per night, depending on where you are and when you’re traveling. This is a perfect option for college students on the go.

How to travel on a tiny budget

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