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Trapped Tinker Bell Lantern

You know the scene where Tinker Belle foolishly trusts Hook not to hurt Peter Pan and tells him where his hideout is located? And then Hook traps her in a lantern? That’s what this is based on. Because I have a problem with wanting everything Disney in my niece’s room. (It’s going to be awesome though.)

This was my inspiration. I found it on Pinterest, of course. What I think is really cool is that this is actually in the Disney Store in Downtown Disney. That store is the best if you’ve never been.


This is my lantern, pre-diy. My mom and I found it at Target for $5 on clearance. You are supposed to put a candle in it or something. I noticed that Ikea also sells a similar one for about $7.



I stole a Tinker Belle figurine out of Ella’s toys. Technically it was mine to begin with, so I guess it wasn’t really stealing. Although she did try to take it and put it back. I heard a lot of “but why auntie?”


Because it has glass, you have to tape it off. It sucked. I used my handy-dandy gold spray paint that never seems to run out.


It took a couple of coats to get it completely covered. Plus I had to flip it every which way to get it all covered. Then I forgot about it for like a week or so. Whoops.


See how pretty it turned out though?


Here is Tinker Belle, stolen once again. It is technically from the set you buy at the Disney store, where you get like 10 characters for $15 or whatevers.


I was feeling too lazy to go get the glue gun, so I used the Elmers glue I found in the drawer. Surprisingly, it worked. But then again I didn’t really shake it around and I don’t plan to.


I put it pretty much in the middle. Just pressed it down and tada!


Oh no! Tinker Belle is trapped! She needs to get out and save Peter!


Except if she escaped, then she would destroy my pretty lantern. So guess she is trapped for all eternity. 🙂




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