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All Things Detroit – March 26th, 2017!

Ask Jennyfer is announcing another episode of the popular “All Things Detroit” event for the citizens of Michigan. The purpose of the event, which is held three times a year, is to help people connect with small businesses, artisans, entertainers and food enthusiasts. It is a splendid time for family, friends, and colleagues to discover amazing products and services while enjoying a great adventure. All Things Detroit & Food Truck Rally event will be taking place on Sunday, March 26, 2017, at Eastern Market, 2934 Russell St. from 10am – 4pm.

Tickets are available on the official event website at:

“By popular demand, we are again hosting the All Things Detroit & Food Truck Rally event this March. Our event brings together the best small businesses Michigan has to offer so that more citizens can discover amazing products and services. The event is going to be full of fun, adventure, and discoveries, where buyers connect with sellers in a serene and peaceful environment. We encourage you to come with the whole family for this memorable event,” said Jennyfer Crawford.

The All Things Detroit & Food Truck Rally event is created to showcase trade, food, and entertainment. Small businesses, artisans, entertainers, and instructors unite to network with consumers and offer information about their products and services. Attendees have the time of their lives tasting great meals, watching exciting entertainment, viewing artworks and discovering products that will add value to their lives. Participants who can’t find anything to buy can take part in giveaways and raffle draws that ensure they go home with something.

“I attended the last event, and it was awesome. I was able to discover businesses I never knew existed. The event does not just help bring buyers and sellers together; it helps bring families and people together. I believe this contributes to creating a better and stronger community,” said Hilary P, an attendee.

The website offers an avenue for participants to buy tickets or sign up as a vendor. There is also a mobile app that delivers up-to-date news and information to users. The event is sponsored by, Faygo, Reel Clever Films, and Haute Magazine.

About Ask Jennyfer

Ask Jennyfer  is an event marketing company that specializes in creating unique events and solutions for branding, and building brand awareness by bringing vendors and consumers together. Over the past few years, they have organized events to market and brand businesses within the city of Detroit and surrounding areas.

For more information, please contact (313) 575-2593,, or visit

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