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The Finest Hours Movie Review

Have you seen the movie, The Finest Hours yet? I got lucky enough to go see it a week early! The perks of being a blogger. 🙂

Here are the two trailers if you haven’t seen them yet:

The basis of the story:

Guy meets girl. They fall in love. Guy works as a coast guard and goes on what is considered a suicide mission to save what may be a bunch of dead people. Even though the ending isn’t really a surprise for a feel-good Disney movie, I won’t spoil it for you. 😉

So, my review (+ my mom’s input).

The beginning started off really slow. My mom and I both thought that. It’s not that it wasn’t good, it just seemed too long. I would have rather that first part be a tad shorter and the action come sooner.

The acting was really good. It was believable. In an action movie (even a rescue movie) the fear, excitment, surprise, ect, has to be real. Otherwise you get a guy staring death in the face with a bored look.

What I actually loved most about this movie was that I recognized so many of the actors.

the finest hours movie review

Chris Pine played Captain Kirk in the Star Trek movies.

Casey Affleck was in Interseller and Oceans Eleven.

Eric Bana played Nero in Star Trek and was in the Time Travelers Wife, the Other Bolyen Girl, and a lot more.

Michael-Raymond James played Neil in Once Upon a Time.

Josh Stewart plays Jay-Jays husband in Criminal Minds.

So you see, there are a lot of pretty well known people in this movie. Kind of my favorite part of a movie. I kept whispering ‘thats so and so’ to my mom during the movie.

I also really liked the effects. CGI has gotten so awesome in the last few years. I’m sure the actors were in a crap boat in front of a green screen and yet it really looks like they are pushing through giant waves. I went and saw the 3D version (something I didn’t even realize till we walked in). I usually hate 3D movies because I have to wear the glasses over my normal glasses and it gives me a really bad headache. Same with my mom. But the 3D wasn’t like the grab the water from in front of your face 3D. It was more just extra demintion to add to the movie. I highly recommend seeing it if you don’t mind paying the upcharge.

Ok, the last thing I liked about the movie. The costuming! It is set in the 50s. I love 50s clothing! I wanted pretty much every dress shown.

the finest hours movie review

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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