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The Best NonCouponing Apps That Make You $$$

Rebate apps aren’t the only apps that can make you money. My parents like to joke that if there is a way for me to make money without a job, I will find it. I’m not sure if it is actually a compliment, but I sure take it as one.

There are apps out there that can actually make you money. You wont get rich by any means, But it can help pay for Starbucks or a new hair cut. Any money is better than no money.

Best Apps that Actually Make You Money!


This is an incredibly easy app to use. All you do is upload your receipts. They accept receipts of all kinds: restaurants, retail, even online. With every four receipts, you earn 100 points. What I like about this app is that it is easy to see old receipts. They date them and label the store.

Payout Minimum: 350 points

Payout Type: Amazon or gift card

Best Apps that Actually Make You Money!

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a lot like ReceiptPal. Unlike ReceiptPal, they only accept retail stores, no restaurant or online receipts. Some receipts earn coins. The amount you get depends on the amount of money you spent. Less spent, less coins. Some receipts earn you a spin at the “Hog Slots” where you could possibly win coins. Every week, you can submit a maximum of 20 grocery receipts and 20 other retail receipts. Be aware that only three receipts from the same day from the same retailer will be accepted.

Payout Minimum: 1000 coins

Payout Type: Paypal or Amazon gift card

Best Apps that Actually Make You Money!

Panel App

TheĀ Panel app is incredibly easy to use. You allow it to collect location information and then answer questions about where you were. For example, it will track that I went to McDonalds and then ask me if I bought whatever promotional item. What I like about this app is that it tells you how many points you got since yesterday, how many points you will get in 30 days, and then in a year.

Payout Minimum: 3000 points

Payout Type: Paypal or Amazon gift card

Best Apps that Actually Make You Money!


I don’t get a ton of surveys on here, not as much as I used to. You get surveys usually based on where you have been, if you noticed or bought whatever was on promotion. For completing a survey, you either get points or restaurant coupons. The coupons aren’t the best, so I usually hope for points. Points are used for gift cards.

Payout Minimum: 4000

Payout Type: coupons, different retail and restaurant gift cards

Best Apps that Actually Make You Money!

OnGo Surveys

They tend to have very random surveys. But, they pay cash. Some surveys pay only cents, others a couple of dollars.

Payout Minimum: $10

Payout Type: Paypal

Best Apps that Actually Make You Money!


This is my favorite app for doing absolutely nothing and still getting money. You let them track your movements and you get points. It even tells you how many miles you’ve traveled since you downloaded the app. Of course, since you have to do nothing, it takes a lot of points to get anything. I’ve traveled 5809 miles so far and have only gotten 15,569 points. I would be super interested if it collects points for air travel. You could really rack them up that way.

Payout Minimum: 12,000 points

Payout Type: Amazon gift card

Best Apps that Actually Make You Money!


There is a really good chance you’ve already heard of ShopKick. It is super popular. You get “kicks” or points for walking into specific stores. You can also earn kicks from scanning specific items or linking a credit card and spending money and certain stores. I tend to forget to use it a lot, but I know others who use it all the time and have made big bucks.

Payout Minimum: 500 points

Payout Type: gift cards, high value items

Best Apps that Actually Make You Money!

Feature Points

Download an app, get points. Yes, that simple! Well, you do have to keep it open for a minute to get the points.

Payout Minimum: 600 points

Payout Type: Amazon gift card, apps


This is my newest favorite app. At first it seems like just a game. You are a space man who flies through the air collecting coins. But every time you play, you can earn up to 25 points. For 5000 points, you can get a $5 Starbucks gift card! Just for playing a game on your downtime! Helpful hint, you only need to earn 1000 coins in the game to get 25 points.

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