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National Teachers day: the Teacher Who Helped Me Through High School

Today is National Teacher Day! I’ve almost always liked my teachers. I’ve had a couple that were really special to me. My art teacher, Mrs. Mose, in high school was one of them.
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When I younger, I was super into art. I was convinced I would be an artist when I grew up. Mom always tried to talk me out of it or steer me into a related field because of the lack of jobs, but I was adamant. Even though I’m no longer pursuing my art, I’m still going into a career with no jobs (sorry mom!)

Anyways, back to my art teacher, Mrs. Mose. She was always a little out there. She would yell for fun or say crazy things. My freshman year, I was a bit afraid of her. I thought it was interesting that she was married but didn’t take her husbands name or had a little girl who only ate health food.

Mose, as we all affectionately called her, was one of the most laid back teachers at the high school. When I was a junior and senior, she would let my friends and I come eat lunch with her – almost every day. I look back now and I know that means a lot. Most teachers just want a complete hour away from kids.

Her room was a mess. There was paint all over the tables, usually wet clay left to dry where it shouldn’t. When the kiln was on, you could just smell the heat and baking. I don’t know how else to explain it. The pottery wheels were shoved in a corner, ready for those needing to create a pot or a bowl. Her office was always messy – just crap everywhere. I tried to clean it once and failed epicly. She had way too many filing cabinets shoved in that tiny, dark office.

As a senior, I was incredibly bored. I was that kid who finished all of that days work before class ended, if not the entire weeks work. I didn’t want to sit there and talk, I wanted my work done. Because I was such a good kid, teachers would basically let me do what I wanted. In my life skills class, I finished the entire semester in about 2 weeks. So the teacher would let me go hang out with Mose. If she had a class, she didn’t care. I could just chill and create or chill and read. Even if she was on prep, she didn’t mind me sitting at the big wood drawing tables, doing whatever.


My depression really reared its ugly head in high school. Being able to escape from everyone really helped me. Even if it was loud and crazy, I could find a place of zen just to chill out in Mose’s room. I think I dodged a lot more breakdowns because of my happy place. And if I really needed, Mose would take the time to come talk to me, even if she had a classroom full of kids.

My high school experience would be a lot different if I hadn’t had Mose as a teacher. I learned so much more than just art from her.
National Teachers Day, The teacher who got me through high school

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