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Target Back to School

Target is probably my favorite place to shop for back to school supplies. They have such an assortment of adorable items making school fun! This year I noticed a few main themes: unicorns, cats, mermaids, food, and cactuses. My favorite, not surprisingly, is all the cat stuff. 


Unicorn Backpack, Unicorn Planner, Unicorn Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Unicorn Ruler, Unicorn Binder Case, Unicorn Pen, Unicorn NotebookUnicorn Lunch Bag, Unicorn Water Bottle, Unicorn Pencil Case


Cat Notebook, Cat Sequin Backpack, Cat Backpack with KeychainCat and Jack Cat Backpack, 

Pete the Cat Pencil Case, Cat and Jack Lunch Box, Cat Water BottleCat Lunch Box

Mermaid Pencil Case, Mermaid Pen,  Mermaid Lunch BoxMermaid Backpack,  Mermaid Binder Case, Mermaid Notebook, Mermaid Crayons, Mermaid Sequin Backpack


Ice Cream Notebook, Pineapple Pencil Case, Ice Cream Lunch Box, Food Backpack, Food Backpack Blue, Pineapple Backpack, Ice Cream Pencil Case, Ice Cream Lunch Box



Cactus Planner, Cactus Backpack, Cactus Backpack with Pom Pom, Cactus Pencil Case, Cactus Lunch Box, Cactus Notebook



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