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Vegan Coconut Water Smoothie 0

Vegan Coconut Water Smoothie *Guest Post*

Feeling a little lost on your journey to a vegan lifestyle?¬†Look no further! I’ll help you go from lost and confused to enlightened and confident in a snap! With VEGAN IT UP! I’ll show...


Banana Cinnamon Streusel Bread

I always seem to have a problem with finishing off a thing of bananas. I only like them right before they ripen, where they still have a pretty good amount of green left. I...

40 Spooky Halloween Recipes 0

40 Spooky Halloween Recipes

Halloween is such a fun holiday when it comes to food. I mean, it is a fun holiday all around, but Halloween food…. so cool! You can make monster rice krispies, freaking spaghetti, black...


My Non-Recipe Salsa Recipe

When it comes to canning, I’m not very good at following recipes. Heck, I’m awful at it. I look at a recipe and say, ok, these are the ingredients, good enough. Luckily, I haven’t...


21 Zucchini Recipes for Every Meal

Yesterday was National Sneak Some Zucchini onto your Neighbor’s Porch day! There truly is a holiday for everything. Personally, I love zucchini. I love to grow it and unfortunately this year, the deer love...