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Nine Books Soon to Hit the Big Screen!

I’ve always been a book reader and a movie watcher. So, it isn’t really surprising that I would love books that are turned into movies. For example, Harry Potter. They did such a good...


Pete’s Dragon Movie Review

Opening this weekend is Pete’s Dragon, a live-action version of the Disney cartoon. Right away, Disney pulls a Disney (think the beginning of Nemo, Cinderella, Snow White, Frozen, Tarzan, etc). A little boy, Pete,...

Adventures in Babysitting Movie Review 0

Adventures in Babysitting: Movie Review

When I was a kid, I really enjoyed the movie, Adventures in Babysitting. The basis of the old version is that the babysitter goes to the city to rescue her friend, bringing the kids in...


BFG Movie Review

BFG aka, the Big Friendly Giant, hit theaters today! If you haven’t seen the many commercials, here is the basic story line. A little girl, Sophie, gets kidnapped by a giant who sees her...