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Vegan Coconut Water Smoothie 0

Vegan Coconut Water Smoothie *Guest Post*

Feeling a little lost on your journey to a vegan lifestyle?¬†Look no further! I’ll help you go from lost and confused to enlightened and confident in a snap! With VEGAN IT UP! I’ll show...

40 Spooky Halloween Recipes 0

40 Spooky Halloween Recipes

Halloween is such a fun holiday when it comes to food. I mean, it is a fun holiday all around, but Halloween food…. so cool! You can make monster rice krispies, freaking spaghetti, black...


My Non-Recipe Salsa Recipe

When it comes to canning, I’m not very good at following recipes. Heck, I’m awful at it. I look at a recipe and say, ok, these are the ingredients, good enough. Luckily, I haven’t...

The Crazy Easy Way to Freeze Corn 1

The Crazy Easy Way to Freeze Corn

Do you know that moment when you tell yourself ‘you really don’t need three giant bags of corn, even if they are two for $3.99 plus B2G1?’ I like to wave at those moments...


21 Zucchini Recipes for Every Meal

Yesterday was National Sneak Some Zucchini onto your Neighbor’s Porch day! There truly is a holiday for everything. Personally, I love zucchini. I love to grow it and unfortunately this year, the deer love...