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Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017 0

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

It’s almost Father’s Day! My dad puts up with a lot from me – I’m a *tad* messy and my dad is the complete opposite. Ok, he really deserves a Disney vacation for all...


Father’s Day Planner Printable Roundup

It is almost Father’s Day! I’m not sure how it is here already since Mother’s Day was like yesterday, right? Since my sense of time is obviously a bit off, I totally forgot to...


Gifts for Dads Who Love their Dogs

The dog in my house, Mia, technically started out as my dog. I paid for her, I loved on her, etc. But, now, well, she is definitely my dad’s dog. He treats her really...


Gifts for Dads that Grill

Dads like to grill. It is just a fact. Grilling is some manly thing that manly men feel the need to do. Which is fine by me, because it means I get food without...


12 Yummy DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Guy’s love to eat. It’s just how it is. I know that my dad loves food. He eats pretty much anything! It’s a long standing traditional for the family to bet on how many...