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National Chocolate Day

Honestly, I think it is National Nina gets fat month. Cause today is National Chocolate Day! I am a big fan of chocolate. I don’t understand people who don’t like it. So what exactly...


National Cupcake Day – 35 Recipes.

It’s National Cupcake Day! I actually quite enjoy cupcakes. Which is strange because I’m not always a big fan of cake. Explain that one to me LOL. I think it is because it is...


National Apple Month

October is national a ton of things month. One of those things is apple month! I’m actually not that big of fan of apples. Not when you just eat them straight. I have an...


Rice Krispie Treats Day!

It’s national rice krispie treats day! Ok, it isn’t really a national holiday. But it should be! How can you not love rice krispie treats?! They are so delicious. To me, they remind me...


Cookie Butter No Bakes

I got bored the other night. I was also kind of hungry. Browsing Pinterest only made me hungrier. Browsing Pinterest while you are hungry is almost the same as grocery shopping hungry. Pinterest led...