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Swimsuits You NEED for the Beach

July means time to go to the beach. It’s hot, water is cold, you get to wear basically your undies without being shamed.
Swimsuits You NEED for the Beach
I’m mixed about the beach. Negative: it is outside. Positive: it’s the beach. If the beach was inside, everything would be perfect. 🙂 Have you ever been to a Lake Michigan beach? Honestly, they are awesome. We go over to South Haven, MI and go to the state park. It is so serene. Plus, the sand is perfect for building a sand castle.

When going to the beach, you need to be cute. It is one of those things that society has beat into us. Why else would there be swimsuits out in February? YOU MUST BUY THIS CUTE SWIMSUIT. Especially at Target. They have so many adorable suits, but none I can actually wear.

I decided to pick my favorite suits from a couple of different companies. One bikini and one one-piece. And of course, any cute accessories.

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