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Superfood or Super Fake? Mythbusting Diet Fads

Super food or super fake? Mythbusting Diet FadsIt seems that almost every single day you see a new article pop up on your Facebook feed about a new superfood that will make you lose ten pounds in a week, tighten your skin overnight, or give you infinite amounts of energy. It’s easy to buy into these ideas, because those are all things that we want; to lose weight, improve our skin, and have more energy. No matter how much we may wish for it, however, there isn’t any one superfood that’s going to magically transform your body.


Supplements are an easy way for us to feel like we’re taking care of our body. You don’t have to make any lifestyle changes. All you have to do is take a supplement every day for a month and suddenly you’ve lost weight. Does it sound too good to be true? That’s probably because it IS too good to be true. Although taking some supplements will improve your overall health, and some can even boost your metabolism, no supplements will solve all of your health problems without any additional effort.

Changing your body requires a lifestyle change. If you want to lose weight, you’ll need to eat healthier and exercise. Supplements definitely have a part in a healthier lifestyle, and many are supported by a correlative relationship with diet and exercise, but they’re not the only thing you should be doing if you want to actually see results.

Which superfoods are worth it?

Most foods that claim to be superfoods actually are healthy and beneficial for you to eat. You just have to understand that eating an occasional avocado isn’t going to transform your life. If you change your diet to incorporate various superfoods every single day, you may start to see some changes. Some superfoods that are worth the hype include avocado, edamame, quinoa, greek yogurt, blueberries, kale, chia seeds, broccoli, salmon, and eggs. If your favorite superfood didn’t make it onto this short list, don’t stress! This isn’t a complete list of all the best superfoods out there. When you hear something about whether or not a food is good for you, you should always do your own research before forming an opinion.

Superfood or Super Fake? Mythbusting Diet Fads

It’s important to remember that superfoods aren’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Every body is different and the diseases that you could battle in the future won’t be the same things that a healthfood blogger does. A lot of superfoods actually have a high calorie count, so keep in mind that superfoods aren’t always the most super option. Some calories go to better use than others do. For example, an avocado has 234 calories in it. But that’s healthy fat that will get converted into energy, rather than stay as fat once it’s entered your body. So those 234 calories are healthy calories!

Oils and fats

Superfood or Super Fake? Mythbusting Diet FadsYour body needs healthy fats and oils in order to function. This is why fat-free diets can be dangerous. Many of your organs, including your brain, are made up mainly of fatty tissues. If you deprive your body of fats, your organs and overall health will suffer. So it can be important to figure out which fats are healthy for you and your body! Some of the healthiest oils include olive oil and avocado oil. Despite popular misconception, coconut oil actually isn’t a very healthy oil! It’s about as healthy as butter. That doesn’t mean you should throw away all of your coconut oil (that stuff is expensive). It just means you should understand that it isn’t the healthiest option, so you don’t need to shove spoonfuls into all of your foods in an attempt to get enough healthy fats.

Calorie free drinking

A lot of people consume extra calories each week in alcoholic form. It’s not a secret that most alcohol has a high caloric count. But some, like vodka, have 0 calories, and so they’ve become a popular “healthy” drink option. In fact, leaning towards these “diet” alcoholic drinks is thought to be a major reason for the increasing drinking rates in women. However, it’s important to remember that “calorie-free” doesn’t mean healthy. Always practice moderation.

Understand your food

Superfood or Super Fake? Mythbusting Diet Fads

The most important eating habit you can adopt is to try to understand your food. Don’t take anyone else’s word about something without doing your own research! And every single person is different. Just because one person started eating more chia seeds and then lost weight doesn’t mean that that’s the only thing they did, or that it will necessarily work for you. Strive to be healthy and eat healthy, and be wary of shortcuts.

Guest post by Aurora McCausland

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