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Super Easy Date Night Look

Not that long ago, I thought I was going on a movie date. It ended up not being a date at all, but just two people hanging out. Which is ok, because the guy is leaving for boot camp and then like 4 years in the military. I still had fun getting all dressed up, going to a movie, and talking over an English breakfast tea.

Super Easy Date Night Look

I don’t get all ‘gussied up’ very often, especially not in the summer. I sweat a lot and I don’t particularly want expensive makeup to melt off my face. It isn’t attractive, plus it feels like a waste.

But because I originally thought this was a date, I wanted to get all cute. And sometimes I just really feel like getting all girly and pretty. That day was one of those days.

I won’t get into my makeup routine that much because it is kind of boring. I have pretty deep acne scars so I pile on lots of makeup to try to cover those. They are red and blotchy and just not very attractive.


Because I wear glasses, I do try to play up my eyes. As you can see, my eyes are pretty dark. I didn’t use any eyeshadow, just an Elf eyeliner and Elf mascara. For such cheap makeup, the stuff is pretty awesome. I also lined my eyebrows with a very expensive Anastasia eyebrow pencil. Why an expensive one? Unfortunately, none of the cheap eyebrow pencils are red enough to look right with my hair. Boo.

My favorite part of my makeup look was my new lipstick. I got the awesome chance to try out BHue Liquid Matte Lipstick for free. It goes on like a gloss but dries as a lipstick. I love the matte look with my skin. I got a bunch of colors to try, but I like the Natural Nude one with my skin/hair color and my dark eyes. My favorite part about this lipstick is that it would stay on through a nuclear disaster. Not even joking. Until you really start scrubbing it off, it stays put. While I haven’t had the chance to try it during a makeout session, I’m assuming it would do fine.

IMG_7017 IMG_7022

I wish it was socially appropriate to go everywhere in sweat pants. I adore wearing sweats all the time. Yes, I am ‘that’ girl. But because sweats are not appropriate date/going out apparel, I went with a new pair of leggings. I also got these leggings for free to test out.


I actually got two – these and a pair of faux jean leggings. I went with this pair because they are capris and it was 80 degrees that day. I’m a pretty big fan of these leggings. They are cotton and thus super breathable. They are perfect for summer – especially for those of us who don’t like showing our legs off, ever.

I added this cute long white top I got off of amazon. I like longer tops to cover my butt when I wear leggings. Although I will admit I have totally worn leggings as pants.

Ignore the blue streak down my mirror. I accidently spilled wax on it and I’ve been too lazy to clean it off.


What I like about this look is that I felt pretty. That doesn’t happen to often since I’ve gained weight.

I definitely recommend both the leggings and the lipstick. I feel like both really helped my look come together which allowed me to feel pretty and excited about my non-date.

Have you ever tried BHue or No Nonsense? What is your fav for a date night look?

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