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15 of the Coolest Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

I think subscription boxes are pretty much the coolest things ever. It is like a surprise gift every month! But we shouldn’t be the only one getting gifts. Our dogs and cats deserve them too! Just think of it as celebrating responsible pet owners month.  I curated this super cool list of subscription boxes for pets. They aren’t cheap, which sucks, but oh well.


$39 a Month

This is a box for dogs. They “work with boutique, independent and small businesses to hand select toys, chews, bones, treats and accessories that your dog will love.”

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

Surprise My Pet

$25 a Month

Despite saying “Pet” it really should say dog. According to their site, “you will receive a box in the mail with carefully selected dog supplies for your dog – anything from dog toys, bones and all-natural dog treats.”

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

Need a gift for a cat lover? Check out this great gift guide!

Pet Treater

$24 a Month

Definitely one of the cheaper boxes out there for dogs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.28.48 PM

Pooch Perks

$20 a Month

You get a box with 2-3 items of toys and treats. You can get more items a month, but the price goes up.

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats


$29 a Month

According to their website, they “scour the U.S. to bring you curated goods for your doggyhood, from all-natural, organic and grain free treats, to purposeful, well-crafted toys, apparel and accessories.” You can also make it super personalized, which is cool.

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

My Slobber Box

$24 a Month

For $24 a month, you get “a mixture of 5-6 delicious, nutritious dog treats, holistic chews” and “super fun toys!”

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

Bark Box

$29 a Month

You get toys, treats and chews in this box for doggies.

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

Loot Crate Pets

$24.99 a Month

While this is geared towards dogs, I think it would work for dogs and cats. Also, I’m pretty sure Ursula needs the alien/X-Files shirt.

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats


$19.99 a Month

You get at least 4 goodies in your box, just for your kitty. Look out for a review on the KitNipBox, coming soon!

Order your monthly box of cat goodies today at!


$29 a Month

With Purrpacks, you get 7-9 items a month just for your kitty!

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

 Of Ur Indulgence

$10 a Month for Cats and $15 for Dogs

I’m not really sure exactly what you get with this one, except that it is treats.

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

Pet Pakz 

$28 a Month

What I like about this box is that there are so many different options. You can get a box for one pet, two pets, or three pets! Plus you can get it monthly or bimonthly.

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

A Horse Box

$25.99 a Month

Ok, while this isn’t actually for dogs or cats, it is still really cool! Horses need love too.

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

BFF Pet Pack

$25 a Month

No matter what type of pet you have, they have a box for it! You get “6 high quality, carefully selected goodies, including, but not limited to, toys, treats, specialty items such as skin products, essentials, cage accessories and of course, food selections.”

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

The Binky Bundle

$37.99 a Month

This subscription box is just for bunnies! You get “a variety of rabbit-safe toys, treats, hay, and other goodies – hopping directly to your front door, just for your pet bunny rabbit.”

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

Read this before you buy your next cat toy!

Cat Lady Box

$34.99 a Month

Surprise! A 16th box. But this one is for cat ladys! I really want this box myself *HINT HINT*. You just get a bunch of random stuff based around cats!

15 Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats


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8 Responses

  1. Wow! These look great. I love to spoil my little pups. And, I know my sister will LOVE the cat lady box. Thanks for sharing. Xx-Doran

  2. Lana B. says:

    These are cute for pets. I am sure they love getting treats in the mail every month.

  3. Amanda says:

    How cool are these? Better keep my hubby from seeing these. He has been spoiling our dog lately and he swore up and down he’d never do that! Ha!

  4. I am sure that my dogs and cat would love to receive any of these boxes. However, I already spend way too much on all three!
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  5. Kristie says:

    I didn’t even know that they had these, but what a sweet idea to spoil your pet! 🙂

  6. Alison Gibb says:

    I am getting my first Cat Lady box this month and I can’t wait. My kitties are excited, too!

  7. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I never realized that there were so many subscription boxes for pets.

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