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May the Fourth be With You – as You Upcycle a T-shirt!

May the Fourth be With You - as You Upcycle a T-shirt!

To celebrate Star Wars day, you really need a Star Wars shirt. I had one – from when I was super skinny. I got into a thing for awhile where I wanted to buy little boys t-shirts. Which was fine and dandy, until I gained weight. I looked like a stuffed sausage in my XL kids shirts. But, the shirts were still really good, like this Star Wars one. So how could I make it fit my 23-year-old body?

I first have to admit that most of my sewing diys usually end up in disaster. I really have no idea what I’m doing and I hand sewed everything because the sewing machine doesn’t like me. So, I will be referring you to what I used as instructions. They explain things so much better.

So here is the shirt I started with. Came from Target, about $3 on clearance. Has a super cool hood and everything.

My DIY Star Wars Shirt

The front is really the only thing I wanted to keep. But you can’t just make a shirt out of a front. Well, at least I can’t.

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My DIY Star Wars Shirt

I worked off the directions of Shabby Creek Cottage. You first have to cut the side seams, up to the armpits.

My DIY Star Wars Shirt

For my extra fabric that I would be inserting, I just used a red tank top.

My DIY Star Wars Shirt

I lined the tank top up to see how much I had to cut off to make it the same length.

My DIY Star Wars Shirt

I then decided that cutting the top off would be easier, because then I would still have the bottom seam.

My DIY Star Wars Shirt

Tada! This is the tank with the top cut off.

My DIY Star Wars Shirt

I did cut rectangles out, but I didn’t take a picture of that. Next, I lined the tank up to cover the open area of my shirt. I used pins to hold it in place.

My DIY Star Wars Shirt

Then I sewed! I hand sewed, again, because I am afraid of the sewing machine.

My DIY Star Wars Shirt

Yay, almost finished! You can see that I’ve made it bigger. But I don’t only need bigger, I need a bit longer. Plus I wanted to girly it up a tad.

My DIY Star Wars Shirt

I followed the directions on Inspiration & Realization. Basically, you find lace, pin it in the right place, and sew it. Easy peasy.

For some reason, I didn’t think to take a picture of the shirt on so you could see the whole thing. So here is a selfie instead. You can see that I don’t look like a stuffed sausage! Yay!

Have you ever tried to upcycle a shirt? Let me know how it worked out!



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