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Snow White Mirror DIY

Ok, so full disclosure: this isn’t actually a snow white mirror. It’s an evil queen mirror. I knew I needed to incorporate Snow White somehow, and this was the perfect way. I got the idea fromĀ Pinterest.

Materials Needed:

Cool Mirror

Painters Tape

Gold Spray Paint

Sticker letters

I got the mirror at 5 Below. I was only $5! And it looked like the perfect princess mirror. But, it was red. Red is not gold. That means spray paint.

5below mirror

But spray paint means covering all the glass with painters tape. That was a big pain in the butt. You have to make sure to cover ALL the mirror, other wise you will ruin it when you paint. šŸ™

Once everything is covered, time to paint! It took two good coats to get the mirror covered. Make sure to let it completely dry between coats.

Next is theĀ easy part. My mom had a ton of alphabet stickers for me to choose from. If you don’t have any, you can pick them up for pretty cheap at any craft store. I first cut out letters and then pulled them through a sticker machine. It didn’t work well. They were pealing off went I went to pull it out. šŸ™ So go with stickers.


It took a bit to get the letters straight, but whatever. I planned it out the second time and only had to reposition a couple of times.


I absolutely love the way it turned out. It is going to look awesome in Ella’s new room. Because she really is the fairest of them all.


Fun fact: when Ella saw it, she walked around the room saying “who is the fairest of them all, PRINCESS ELLA!”

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