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Sleeping Beauty Bed Canopy

Like the majority of my ideas for Ella’s room, this idea came from Pinterest. Yay pinterest! The best place on the internet for things you don’t need.

Here is my reference photo. It didn’t come with any directions, so I had to make it up as I went along.



Bed canopy


Shiny Gold Paper




Hot Glue

First get your supplies. I got the bed canopy at 5 Below for $5. The cardboard was from a display board at Dollar Tree. The gold paper I got from amazon with credits I had, so that was free for me.

IMG_2606 IMG_2607

Next you need to draw your pattern. I free handed it based off of looking at pictures of Auroras crown. Of course, you can always print out a pattern. They are out there.





After your pattern is drawn, time to cut. I used a box cutter because I couldn’t find the xacto knives. Whoops.


Once you are satisfied with the shape, it’s time to cover. Spread out a thin layer of glue across the front. Lay your cutout face down onto the paper. Slowly wrap it like you would a present. I had to cut a lot on the edges in order to get it to wrap nice.

After wrapping, it’s time to fold. By fold, I mean around the canopy. I just gently folded it around the circle of the canopy in order to shape it. It does get big fold lines in it, but it’s going to be near the ceiling so who cares.

Next is words! I chose to cut out the word ‘Princess.’ I could of used the Cricket, or stickers, but that would have been too easy and I never do things the easy way. I printed out letters as a template and traced them onto the card stock. To make them stick, I ran them through my moms sticker machine. But of course, glue always works.

Use hot glue to attach the crown to the canopy. Easy-peasy! Just don’t burn yourself like I did.


Now, tada! All done and ready for your princess.

Total cost for me? $6 + tax. More realistic cost? About $10.

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  1. Davidrhodem says:

    What a canopy!! It’s looking awesome. Your tips are very helpful. Sometimes, the box cutter is essential for this work.
    Really thanks for the post.

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