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Sleep in Style for World Sleep Day

Sleep in Style for World Sleep Day

If you know me personally, you know I love to sleep. Sleep is honestly the best. I nap at least once a week, usually more. I can nap two hours after I’ve woken up and I can sleep as late as 7pm.

I still have a twin bed. It kind of sucks, but I have too much crap in my room to have a bigger bed. Once I move out and can spread my crap out in an apartment, I plan on getting a queen. Maybe my kitty will actually sleep with me if she has room. She currently loves to sleep on my parents bed. My parents don’t love it as much as she does.

My bed is a mish-mash of style. I have random bed sheets that I have collected over the years. My bedspread is one I found in the dumpster. Then comes my giant Tardis blanket. And over that is my Frozen throw. My pillows have random colored pillowcases. My bed definitely wouldn’t be one showcased in a magazine.

But, I wanted to create some cool bed style guides. All styles that I would want in my bedroom. I’m not gonna lie, I had a lot of fun putting these together.

First off though, the basics. I really want a mattress from Tuft & Needle. They look really comfortable, plus they are affordable. And if you hate the mattress, it is really easy to return.

Next, pillows. I am a big fan of memory foam and big fluffy pillows. I just layer the fluffy pillow on top of the memory foam. I know, I’m a weird. But I love having 800 pillows on my bed. These are two I gotten to review that I recommend:

I’m a Bear if You Wake Me Up

I'm a Bear if you wake me I'm a Bear if you wake me I'm a bear when you wake me up

Feelin’ Foxy

Feelin' Foxy Feelin' Foxy Feelin' FoxyFeelin' Foxy

Under the Sea

Under the Sea Under the Sea Under the Sea under the sea

Pinky Pie

Pinky Pie pinky pie pinky pie

What does your bedroom look like?

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  1. craftyone says:

    i need new bed sheets, i’m thinking of something organic.

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