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Singapore’s Top 9 Museums to Visit *Guest Post*

In Asia, Singapore is among the must-visit countries because of its rich and well-preserved culture. You will meet friendly locals here while experiencing their unique traditions. And when it comes to remarkable museums, this is also the perfect place. The country offers beautifully designed structures where visitors can witness traditional displays and buildings.

Here are the top 8 museums that you should visit when in Singapore:

  1. National Gallery SingaporeThe National Gallery Singapore is the country’s most iconic museum since it’s dedicated to Southeast Asian art. It occupies the City Hall and the former office of the Supreme Court. To date, there are more than 8,000 art pieces that you can see in the 10 galleries such as the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery and DBS Singapore Gallery.


  1. Singapore Art Museum.

In 1996, the Singapore Art Museum was built as the first museum in the country. It’s located at the 19th Century Mission School and offers some of the most expensive art collections in the world. You will find modern Southeast Asian art pieces inside the building which represent the art traditions of the region.


  1. National Museum of Singapore. With plenty of stunning exhibits, a resource and education center, and a lecture theater, this museum showcases the rich culture of the city-state. There are film screenings and art installations every year.


  1. Singapore Philatelic Museum. If you love stamps, the Singapore Philatelic Museum is the place to go. There are colorful stamp collections inside with the rich history of the country and other places in the globe. You will enjoy the fun exhibits like the Snoopy-themed collections and More Than Monkeys.


  1. ArtScience Museum. Art plus science equals a beautiful museum. This is found in the Marina Bay Sands with interesting exhibitions that are notable and high profile. Some previous exhibits included The Deep, Da Vinci: Shaping the Future, and fantastic themes such as deep-sea animals.


  1. Asian Civilizations Museum. This building houses interesting artifacts from Southeast Asia, West Asia, South Asia, and China. There are permanent galleries divided into 4 geographic zones including the Islamic World, the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and China.


  1. Peranakan Museum. Peranakan or Straits-Chinese culture is celebrated in Singapore through this museum. It features remarkable artifacts and interactive art collections with 10 permanent galleries. You will learn about the Peranakan cuisine and wedding works. But there are more sights to enjoy when you visit the Peranakan Museum in Singapore. There’s a similar one in Penang but the one in Singapore is also really pretty.


  1. Red Dot Design Museum. In this museum, you will find eye-candy items and Instagrammable displays. There are over 1,000 art pieces with stunning designs within the building. You can also take home items from the Design Museum Shop.


There are so many ways to discover the rich culture of Singapore. You can even hire a private tutor in Singapore to help you make the process easier. So whether you are visiting these museums in Singapore for your child’s learning or finding a reliable tutor, you’re on the right place.

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