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Shop these 7 Places to Help Endangered Species

Today is endangered species day. I’ll be straight up honest, I really don’t think much about endangered species. I’ll read something on Buzzfeed about how one of the last elephants were killed due to poaching or how a bird is about to go extinct because humans keep building on their homes. And of course, I’ll get mad for like 10 minutes, but then go on with my life.

Shop these 7 Places to help Endangered Species

Did you know that there are about 16,300 species that are endangered? And by endangered, it means they have a good chance of going extinct. There are over 41k species that could join that list at any time. This is insane. Most of them I sure didn’t even know existed. For example, the¬†Taiwanese humpback¬†dolphin. IT’S A PINK DOLPHIN.

Taiwanese humpback dolphins

Or the Helmeted Hornbill. Look how happy he is! Why would you want to hurt him?


Even the Wolverine, which is basically Michigan’s state animal because of U of M, is endangered. When I was looking at pictures for this post, they do actually look like a really mean and angry animal. It took me a minute to find this cute one.


This is just a small picking from the list. And these are just random ones, unlike the more famous elephants, tigers, and rhinos. While the polar bear isn’t actually endangered yet, it is considered “vulnerable,” which is like one step up.

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I’m really not the type of person who just donates money to be a good person. The closest I’ve gotten is getting two raffle tickets from my niece. This probably makes me a horrible person, but hey, I’m cheap, I can’t help it. So I put my googling skills to work to see if there was anyway I could buy something that actually helped an endangered animal. And surprisingly, there are a lot.


Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella donates to elephants

Ivory Ella donates 10% of their net profits to help save the elephants. Plus their stuff is super cute!


snare wire jewelry to help against poaching

Dsenyo does a lot more than just help elephants. They are a fair trade company, and everything is made by women in African companies. The products that do go to elephants are the snare wire jewelry. They are made from the wire poachers use to catch elephants, which is collected during anti-poaching efforts. For every piece of jewelry sold, $5 is donated to anti-poaching efforts.

Elephant Pants

elephant pants elephant pants

I personally love Elephant Pants. They are what my mom considers “crazy pants” which I love to wear. They donate a portion of every sale to the African Wildlife Foundation, which does a ton of different stuff to help elephants.Elephant Pants. They are what my mom considers “crazy pants” which I love to wear. They donate a portion of every sale to the African Wildlife Foundation, which does a ton of different stuff to help elephants.

Big Cats



SavannahCo sells bracelets and shirts. They donate 10% of their profits to save the lions, by donating to Wildlife Conservation Network, where it gets sent to Niassa Lion Project.


Dolphins, Orcas and the like

Pure Vida

Pure Vida Bracelets

Pure Vida Bracelets donate to everything. But they do have a special section for bracelets that donate to different oceanic wildlife preservation. Different bracelets support different animals and give back to different charities. For example, the one shown above donates $2 to the Oceanic Preservation Society.


Toms Oceana Shoes

Right now Toms shoes will donate $5 for each shoe purchased from their Oceana line to Oceana, to help save sea turtles.

A Little of Everything

Divinity LA

Divinity LA bracelet

Divinity LA donates to many different animal charities. Specific bracelets donate to help animals such as pandas, elephants and even ladybugs. They also have a mens section of bracelets.

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I’m sure that there are more out there, but these were the cheapest places I could find. There was one that donated to save leopards, but their stuff started at around $35 for a keychain. Not exactly in the price range of someone stingy, thrifty, and broke.

Have you ever bought something from one of these places? Or do you donate straight to the charity? Let me know in the comments below!

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