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Beam Me Up to Celebrate Science Fiction Day

It is science fiction day! Science fiction is probably my favorite genre all the way around – books, movies, tv. According to Wiki, science fiction is a “genre of speculative fiction dealing with imaginative concepts such as futuristic settings, futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, faster than light travel, parallel universes and extraterrestrial life.” Today was chosen as the date of the holiday because it science fiction writer Isaac Asimov was born today in 1920. Personally, I have no idea who he is, and I haven’t read anything of his, but I’m glad for him because of my love for science fiction.

So how do you celebrate science fiction day? With science fiction of course! I’ve rounded up my personal favorite reads. I haven’t read most of the classics, although I know I definitely should. Eventually!

Please note that I only included the first book if it is a series. Also, I included a link to the movie/tv show if there is one. Oh, last note: the books are in no particular order, just as I thought of them.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – my first grown up science fiction book. I had seen the movie and thought it was the funny. The book, the book is something else. It is definitely written in a… unique way. It goes off in asides and randomly changes subjects and then goes back to the story. But, it is definitely my favorite.

Quick Synopsis:

Earth gets blown up in order to make room for a new intergalactic highway. Arthur Dent, alien Ford Prefect, alien Zaphod Beeblebrox, human Trillian, and depressed robot Marvin travel around the universe in order to answer the question to life, the universe and everything.

The Fifth Wave

I read this book around the time the third book came out. I ate it up like chocolate. The writing is easy to read and the books are a good sized length.

Quick Synopsis:

Aliens have taken over Earth. They have killed humans off in different waves. All Cassie wants to do is keep her promise to her little brother. But staying alive, saving her brother, and figuring out aliens from the humans is a lot harder than Cassie thought.

Enders Game

I’ll admit, I only read this book once. It confused me. You have to really pay attention in order to figure out what is going on. So why did it make the list? The ending completely surprised me, something that doesn’t usually happen.

Quick Synopsis:

Ten-year-old Ender trains in the academy to defeat the aliens who have attacked humans in space. During his training, Ender learns how to fly in gravity, become a leader, and most importantly, command a fleet.

The Martian

I’ll be honest here, I only read the book because I saw the trailer for the movie. I’m a sucker for seeing movies that are based on books. I was surprised when I started reading that I really was enjoying it. It does have a more complex writing style, with lots of science-y stuff, as well as swearing.

Quick Synopsis:

Mark Watney is stuck on Mars. Alone. With only about a years worth of food. And everyone thinks he is dead.

The Man in the High Castle

This is another one of those books I read because it became a movie. Well, it’s a tv show. This book is about Nazis, and I love things about Nazis (not a fan way, more of an interested way)

Quick Synopsis:

What would America be like if we hadn’t won World War 2? If the Nazis and the Japanese had won and taken over the US? Thats the world the characters of the Man in the High Castle live in.

The Giver

I probably should have read this in school. I never did though. Once again, and like many more books, I read it because of the movie. And I wanted to see the movie because the guy is hot. Sorry not sorry.

Quick Synopsis:

The world is colorless. Climateless. Painless. Memory-less. Twelve-year-old Jonas is chosen to follow in the footsteps of the Giver, the only one in society who can remember the past.

The Time Travelers Wife

Yep, another read ‘because of the movie book. 🙂

Quick Synopsis:

What if you had known your husband since you were a child? But you share a childhood – you grew up knowing your adult husband, while you spent your life trying to find the current him. The story is about the life long relationship between Claire and time-traveler Henry.

Ready Player One

A book I read that has no movie or tv show tied to it! I don’t even remember why I decided to pick up this book. I probably found it for free somewhere and free is a good enough reason for me. Most days. The book is written for young adults to easily read it, but is completely overrun (in a good way) with 80s references that 30-somethings will love it.

Quick Synopsis:

The world is world is crap and everyone escapes into the virtual reality game, OASIS. When the creator dies, he creates the game of all games. And whoever wins inherits everything – the game, the money, everything. And that prize is worth killing other players over.

The Hunger Games

You’d have to live under a rock not to know about the Hunger Games. Come on. I read it after it had been out only a year or two, I think. It was before it had became famous at all. It is definitely one of those stories that makes you actually care about what happens to the characters.

Quick Synopsis:

America is no longer America. It is Panem, a society split into 12 districts, all controlled by the wealthy in the Capitol. In order to keep control, the Capitol holds the Hunger Games, consisting of children, each year. And the only way for Katniss Everdeen to win is to kill everyone else.


I started this series because I heard how great it is by others. I only read the first two books, but only because I accidentally read a huge spoiler for the last book and didn’t feel the need to read it. Still, it is a well-written young adult novel that can appeal to all ages.

Quick Synopsis:

In this futuristic society, everyone is separated into four distinct categories. You must act exactly as the category dictates. But society is threatened when Tris doesn’t fit into one category – she fits into all of them.

Under the Dome

First warning: this book is LONG. I usually can finish a book in one day if I try hard and believe in myself. This one took quite awhile for me to finish! It is written by Stephen King, so it is very well-written, but more for educated adults and not young adults.

Quick Synopsis:

What would happen if suddenly an entire town gets cut off from the rest of the world? If a giant bubble keeps everything out – and everyone in. The residents of Chester Mill must deal with the issues that arise from the sudden seperation and mostly, the consequences.

Leviathan Wakes

So…. truth here. At the time of writing, I still haven’t actually finished this book. It is a lot like Under the Dome, it is super-duper long. I have the kindle version but I bet the physical version rivals the size of a college textbook. I had a solid week of reading it for hours every night and hadn’t even made it to 40%. And there are a ton of books in the series!! But even without actually finishing it, I know it is a definitely one I would recommend.

Quick Synopsis:

Because this is such a long book, a real synopsis definitely wouldn’t be quick. But basic info: it is the future. Humans have traveled out far into space, living on Mars, and asteroids. Because humans are still humans, those in the outer rings are treated not as well as those living on planets. Add in a detective, a crew of spaceshippers, and alien goo, and you’ve got a story.


This was one of my favorite series as a kid. It is an older series. Well, not older like really old, but from early 2000s. Old for me. The book is an easy read; you could finish it in one night if you read without any really stops. The writing is basic and easy to understand.

Quick Synopsis:

If you still have the features you are born with, you are ugly. The only way for you to become “pretty” is to go under the knife and loose everything that makes you look like you. Ugly Tally Youngblood does something unthinkable: she chooses not to become pretty.

Life as We Knew it

This is another one I read when I was younger. I absolutely loved it. After reading it, I was (and still kind of am) convinced that I could save my family in any sort of weather apocalypse. I really connected with the main character. The writing is definitely young adult, but the story is good enough for those of all ages to enjoy.

Quick Synopsis:

Miranda is an average teenager growing up in Pennsylvania. That is until an asteroid hits the moon which causes extreme havoc for those on Earth. Miranda goes from worrying about her crush to worrying about if her and her family will survive through the day.

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