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Reindeer Food *Guest Post*

Celebrate Christmas Eve with the kids by preparing cookies and milk for Santa. But what about the reindeer? Say thank you to the reindeer for all their hard work by following Personal Creations’ reindeer food recipe and printing out adorable poems the kids can recite aloud! This recipe is super-easy for children of any age to make, and preparing the baggies is a terrific way to teach little ones a few crafting skills. Using a few ingredients you’re likely to have in your shelves at home, create a special treat the kids can leave out the night before Christmas. This is the perfect way to say “thank you” to all of Santa’s hard-working helpers!
Using a few ingredients you’re likely to have in your cupboards, this special mixture takes only a few minutes to assemble. Once you have your reindeer food, sprinkle onto your yard and await the morning for a special surprise: presents under the tree! 

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