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Redheaded TV Character Costumes

Tv. I watch it all the time. Most of the characters on here are actually from shows that I’ve watched. Yes, I watch a ton of netflix!!

I searched the interwebs to find all the coolest costumes and accessories. Some have more, some have less. Just depends on how many outfits the character has and how many people wanted to dress up as them. I have included kid versions of the costumes, because not only can kids dress up like these, the costumes are usually work great for adults too! Costumes range from movie quality to clothes pulled from your closet.

Amy Pond

amy pond

amy2 amy5

amy4 amy6

Donna Noble


donna1 donna2 donna3



            ginger1 ginger2



ilovelucy1 ilovelucy2 ilovelucy3

Willow Rosenberg

Willow Rosenberg

willow2 willow1 willo13

Claudia Donovan

Claudia Donovan

claudia1 claudia2 claudia3

Dana Scully

dana scully

scully1 scully2 scully3

Oliva/ FauxOliva Dunham

Fauxlivia Dunham

olivia1 olivia2 olivia3

Sansa Stark

Sansa Starksansa1
sansa2 sansa3 sansa4 sansa5



ygritte1 ygritte2

Joan Harris

joan harrisjoan3
joan2 joan1



elmo1 elmo2 elmo3

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