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Redheaded Cartoon Character Costumes

As a kid, I loved watching cartoons. Whether it be tv or non-disney movies, I watched them all. Not surprisingly, my favorite characters were the redheads.

I searched the interwebs to find all the coolest costumes and accessories. Some have more, some have less. Just depends on how many outfits the character has and how many people wanted to dress up as them. I have included kid versions of the costumes, because not only can kids dress up like these, the costumes are usually work great for adults too! Costumes range from movie quality to clothes pulled from your closet.

Lucy Wilde

lucy wilde

lucy1 lucy2

lucy3 lucy4



fiona1 fiona2 fiona3

Pipppi Longstocking

pippi longstocking

pippi1 pippi2 pippi3 pippi4


anna1 anna6 anna4               anna8 anna5 anna3 anna2



blossom1 blossom2


chuckie finster

chuckie1 chuckie3

chuckie4 chukie2



daphne1 daphne2

daphne3 daphne4

Jessica Rabbit

jessica rabbitt

jessica1 jessica2 jessica4                                                      jessica5 jessica6

Wilma Fintstone


wilma1 wilma2 wilma3

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  1. anuja says:

    Glad you found this post useful. The cartoons are came from the humans imagination. To wear dress like those are tough. then it is difficult to grab and combine them. Thanks for research on this one.
    You’re such a gem for providing this information!

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