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Rav 4 – The Best Car for Christmas Shopping!

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For most of the us, the holidays mean lots of shopping. Shopping for presents, shopping for groceries, shopping for holiday outfits – just a lot of shopping. With so much shopping being done, a big trunk is a must. That’s where the Rav 4 by Toyota comes in. 

I had the awesome opportunity to try out the Rav 4 for Black Friday shopping. It was perfect for my needs. 

As you can see, we filled it up completely! So what was so awesome about the trunk?

1. Auto Close – 

I loved being able to just press a button and the trunk closed for me. Not that pulling down a trunk is that much trouble, but still. It’s not a must have feature, but it is definitely a nice perk.

2. Trunk Cover –

As you can see, there is a fancy little cover covering up the view of the trunk contents from the outside world. This is perfect for shopping days. Robbers are a lot less likely to be enticed to break into your car if they can’t see what is in there. 

3. Hands Free Lift Gate –

Hands too full to even press the button? Use the hands free liftgate to open the trunk for you! When you (and the key) is near the trunk, just place your foot under the bumper to activate opening the trunk. Load all your goodies and hit the next store!

4. Expanded storage –

While most cars allow you to fold down the seats for extra room, it is still a nice feature to have and one you don’t want to live without! With the seats down, you can get a whopping 73.4 cubic feet of storage! Now that is some power shopping if you fill all of it up.

5. Rear Power Outlet – 

Need extra outlets? Have a fancy cooler to keep your drinks icy cold? Having an extra power outlet in the back may not be a must – have, but it is definitely a cool feature!

The Rav 4 also has a ton of safety features, such as a backup camera, blind spot monitor, lane departure alerts, dynamic radar cruise control, pre-collision detection, and more. 

The Rav 4 starts at $24k for the LE and up to $34k for the platinum. They come in regular and hybrid. It gets around 23 mpg for city travel (aka shopping travel), with the hybrid getting around 34 mpg.

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So if you are looking for a car to help with you with all of your shopping needs, the Toyota Rav 4 is definitely one to look into! 


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