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Quick Ways to Revitalize Your Office Space *Guest Post*

The New Year is all about renewal, rejuvenation, and an invigorating sense of having an untarnished, fresh beginning. The limitless possibilities for an unforetold future are almost palpable. The concept of having the world as your oyster seems to float in the air as people everywhere work to tackle their New Year’s resolutions. There is a communal sense of romance as individuals from coast to coast set themselves on a path of personal and professional improvement.

Quick Ways to Revitalize Your Office Space

But regardless of your affinity, or lack thereof, for resolutions, it is an encouraging time to have a well-marked starting point on the calendar to set a goal and initiate positive change. You do not need to make a public declaration of your intent to jump on the resolution bandwagon you just need to decide on a practical objective which you can stick with for an entire year because most Americans ditch the commitment before the beginning of March.

Often when people think of resolutions, they plan on making a significant personal change like losing weight, quitting smoking, becoming debt free, or going back to school; but your goals do not need to be so extravagant. In fact, one way to kick off the year with a bang is to start small. Simply, decide to update your workspace and manifest a better environment for creativity and productivity. Here are some steps which are easy to implement in almost any office space but deliver impactful results which will inspire you throughout your workweek.

  1. Enhance your spaces with plants.Add new life to the area by strategically placing succulents or other easy-to-maintain vegetation throughout your workspace. The greenery from the vegetation will keep nature top of mind and add life to sterile and drab workspaces.
  2. Update lighting. Lighting and light fixtures not only add a nod to your personal style but they literally affect how you see things. Shed a new light on your work by changing out old bulbs, moving away from fluorescent lighting, and incorporating as much natural light as possible into your work area.
  3. Get a new planner.Start fresh with an empty planner. Your unexplored potential will slowly spell itself out within the agenda’s pages as the year progresses. A new planner will help keep you organized and on track both personally and professionally.
  4. Declutter. One of the easiest and cheapest way to organize a space – large or small – is to remove all the unwanted and unnecessary clutter. Trash, unused materials, and forgotten paraphernalia seem to creep into the dark, dusty corners of an office with ease and regularity. It takes continued attention to make sure the clutter does not build into a nuisance.
  5. Reorganize. After you are done removing the clutter, resort your work materials to make everything more ergonomic, easier to find, and streamlined.  When you move your office materials it also helps to keep your mind sharp because their placement is no longer instinctive. When you begin the reorganization process do not stop at your desk, consider also creating a new system for your computer files and software. This holistic approach will give you an even greater sense of revitalization.


If you are looking to update your organizational skills in the office, start with a software application proven to help keep you and your entire team on task, on time, and on a budget, the Steelray Project Viewer. The Steelray Project Viewer pairs with project management software like Primavera .XER (Primavera P6) and Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (Microsoft PPM). The combination of these software solutions creates a comprehensive suite boasting all the bells and whistles a project manager needs (and expects) to efficiently manage the successful progression of a job.



The Steelray Project Viewer has quickly become a standard in project management and is already used and trusted by companies the likes of Nike, IBM, Lockheed Martin, and GE Healthcare. If you are a project manager wanting to rejuvenate your workspace and streamline your team’s schedules consider testing Steelray’s Project Viewer with their free 10-day trial. Just go to to learn how your New Year can include a more organized outlook for the future.

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    Now that you´ve mentioned it.

    I love to make changes every year. Not only in my life but also in my home.

    I think your tips will be very useful in my home remodeling

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