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Pokemon Go Items You NEED to Buy

If you haven’t heard about Pokemon Go, I’m going to assume you live under a rock. It has been all over the news and all over people’s newsfeeds. For a couple of days, it was even a segment on NBC Nightly News. You first got to hear about people murdering each other – and then Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Items you NEED to buy

While I haven’t played it myself, I know MANY people who have. Here are some crazy facts about this wildly popular new app.

  • Pokemon Go is already bigger than Tinder
  • Nintendo’s value went up by $9 BILLION
  • 62% of Android users are playing the game every day which surpasses the daily users on Twitter. TWITTER.
  • Pokemon Go was created to help people with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. And it seems to be working.

I have no idea of the credibility because I saw this story on Facebook, but I love it. A soldier with PTSD said he has barely been able to get out of his house in two years. Because of the game, he left his house to go around searching for Pokemon with his kids. I really hope this story is true because that is awesome.

With the crazy popularity of the game, it means a ton of new products have hatched out onto the interwebs. And because I’m awesome, I caught the best of them here. 🙂 Ok, I know, I did a bad job of trying to use Pokemon terms.

Do you get cold? Of course, you do. Even Pokemon trainers get cold every once in awhile. That’s why you need this awesome Pikachu blanket!

Don’t even risk the possibility of getting dehydrated!


Coffee more your thing? These coffee cups will make even the barista jealous.


But what will you wear while catching all of those wild Pokemon?

Leggings, of course.

Why not pretend to be the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time in this Ash hat?


Even in the winter, Pokemon Go will still be going strong. Prepare ahead of time with this gym leader hoodie!


Rep your team even when you are forced inside to work. OR I guess put it on your child… But I like the work idea better.

You are taking your dog with you while you catch Pokemon, right? Let everyone know he is a Pokemon trainer in his own right.

Other cool stuff to make all the other trainers jealous


Warn the non-trainers – you WILL be catching Pokemon in this car.



And of course, you need to plan out your Pokemon catching times! Or just decorate the crap out of your planner. Either way.

Have you joined the Pokemon Go craze?

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2 Responses

  1. Farrah says:

    haha, such a cute post! I love Pokemon Go! Twas the basis of a lot of my childhood! <3

  2. Wow, you’ve taken Pokemon Go to new heights here! I know it’s very popular and if it gets folks outside then that has to be a good thing – as long as they are careful!! Thank you for sharing with the Hearth and Soul Hop.
    April J Harris recently posted…Taking Time OutMy Profile

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