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Pocahontas Dream Catcher DIY

I had a hard time figuring out how to incorporate Pochonatas into Ella’s room. She is always ignored as a princess and I didn’t want to skip her.

I decided to go with a dream catcher since they are Native American. Of course, I couldn’t just make a dream catcher cause that’s just too easy and boring. I decided to mix string art with my dream catcher.

Materials Needed:

Sewing Pins

String (I used embroidery thread)

Circle-ish Board

Wire Cutters




I got all my materials for this at Michaels. I got great deals on everything!

First print out the silhouette of Pocahontas. I just picked the one from google. Print it out and align it on your base. My base is cardboard. I got it for $1 on clearance! It began as a speech bubble, but I cut it into a circle-ish shape.




Start placing your pins around Pocahontas. I put one at every little angle. Don’t place them too far apart or too close.


After the silhouette is done, start placing pins around the edge of your base. I did about a 1/3″ between each pin.


If your base is short, you will have to cut the pins so they aren’t super tall or stick out the back. It’s a pain in the ass and killed my hand, but I used an old pair of wire cutters and cut every single one down. Over 300 pins. When you are done cutting, pour glue all over the back and spread it all over for a thin layer. Just gives it a little extra protection.






Now for the fun part, stringing! Pick a starting point and tie a knot around the pin.


Just wrap it back and forth from edge to silhouette. I went a little crazy and really layered it up. Tie it off to finish.





To make the dangly parts of a dream catcher, I braided together the same string I used for the string art. I used glue to hold it down on the back. A lot of glue.


I got beads in a tear drop shape that reminded me of Pocahontas’s necklace. You know, the one that gets broken when Kocoum dies? Yes, I have a problem. Anyways, to attach them, I just tied the crap out of them around the braided part with more string. It amazingly holds really well.



I used feathers from one of Ursula’s toys to complete the dream catcher. Again, I just tied them on tight.

I LOVE the way it turned out. I think it is super pretty and you can easily see Pocahontas in it.




Total cost (with 50% off coupons and clearance): about $10.

Total cost if everything was full price: about $77.

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