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How I Plan to Lose Weight and Become Healthy

I feel like I’m taking a huge step here. I’m going to share with you fabulous readers… my weight. Not something I just tell people willy-nilly. Currently, I weigh 173 lbs. Considering I’m only 5’3, my weight makes me obese according to the BMI chart. I did a fat percentage thing (which I have no clue how it possibly could work) and my % was almost 10 over the normal. This is not ok. I NEED to lose weight.

Here are some pictures of my weight gain. In high school, I was a stick. Then I looked hot AF. Then about average. And now.

Skinny me, Why I need to lose weighthot me, Why I need to lose weightaverage me, Why I need to lose weightfat me, Why I need to lose weight

I want to look hot AF again. ๐Ÿ™

There are so many reasons I need to lose weight. To be healthy, to look nice, to fit in my clothes again. I’ve had to buy so many pairs of pantsย in the double digits when I have at least 50 (not joking) in a size 6-8. And while I like these new pants, I want my expensive jeans back. ๐Ÿ™

Another big reason why I’m trying to hit the weight loss game hard: my brother and (almost) sister-in-law are getting married! But not a chapel and reception wedding. A VEGAS wedding! I’ve never been to Vegas before. I’m super excited about it. I even found a dress already! And while it looks good now, it will look fabulous if I lost 50 lbs. Or 30. Or even 10.

So how do I plan on doing it? Well, eating healthier is a big one. I don’t eat particularly horrible, but not good either. I think it is harder to eat healthier as an adult. If I want Mcdonalds pancakes at 2 am, I go get them. If I want to make brownies, I make them. If I was still a kid, I would get what my parents made me and I would make brownies only if they said ok.

My plan of attack on the fat is to A) get protein B) get my fruits and veggies C) drink my calories.

And by drinking my calories, I mean smoothies. I’ve been drinking just normal Meijer brand Slimfast. I get the powder kind. It did a good job keeping me full and not eating, but it wasn’t making a difference in my weight loss. I decided that I needed to eat more veggies and started googling how to eat veggies without eating a salad. For some reason, I gag when I try to eat a normal salad. Taco salad? No problem. Normal lettuce salad? Not gonna happen.

I ran across a site about putting veggies in smoothies. At first, I thought it was totally gross. But I read more into and learned that you can’t even taste the veggies. So I tried it. I used some frozen bananas and some spinach, as well as my chocolate slim fast shake mix. And surprisingly, it was good!

So far, I have lost 2lbs this week! TWO! Now if I can keep it up. I’ll be updating you each week, along with any yummy smoothie recipes I try. I hope you can get some new smoothie recipes and I can keep myself accountable!


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3 Responses

  1. Casandra says:

    Hey! I saw this on your “shameless” Post about your blog. lol. Anyway I started doing smoothies too! I have a lot of really yummy from a book from target. It’s a 10 day green smoothie cleanse but you drink smoothies you make at home and you still eat snacks. You can choose to do 3 smoothies and snacks or 2 smoothies, snacks and a healthy meal. I started it 5 days ago and can tell the difference already. It resets your bodies cravings for bad foods! They are really good and you do add veggies to them. I love it. I feel great!!!

  2. Daniel says:

    Great post, Nina! Like you, I turned to smoothies to help me lose weight and I’ve used them ever since to keep the weight off. I’ve come to this post a bit late so I hope it’s been a success for you too ๐Ÿ™‚
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