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How to Pick the Perfect Blueberry

How to Pick the Perfect Blueberry

Today is Pick Blueberries Day! I love picking blueberries. Last year my dad and I went to South Haven and on our way home we stopped at Sparks Blueberry Farm. They had blueberries for $1/1lb! How great of a deal is that?

So how do you pick the perfect blueberry?

Pick blueberries that are light grey-blue in color. Try to stay away from blueberries with any red as that means they aren’t fully ripened. 

If you do accidentally pick a redish blueberry, don’t worry, they usually ripen if they are kept at room temperature! 

The easiest way to pick blueberries is to grab them in your hand and gently rub them them off the tree. Keep your bucket right under the blueberries so they fall right in!

How to keep your blueberries

Keep your blueberries in an open container, in your fridge. They will last longer if they are chilled. 

To keep your blueberries better even longer, you should freeze them. To freeze blueberries, freeze one layer deep on a baking tray or plate. Once frozen individually, they can be placed in a container to freeze in bulk. 

How to eat your blueberries

Wait to wash your blueberries until you are ready to eat them so they don’t get mushy. 

Make jam, blueberry pie, or even blueberry ice cream with your freshly picked berries!

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