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Get Paid for Your… Selfie!

As a millennial, I take a lot of selfies. I can’t help it. I grew up in a world with cell phones. My mom took a billion pictures as a kid (still does actually) so I’ve always been used to having a camera around.

Since having an Iphone, I take a ton of pictures. I look cute? Take a picture. Hanging out with Ella? Take a picture. Forcing my cat to love me? Take a picture.

I figure, I might as well get paid for taking all these selfies! That is where Pay Your Selfie comes in. You aren’t going to get rich, but hey, a few bucks here and there is better than nothing.


I haven’t made much. But that is mostly because I completely forget about it. But get a $1 for taking a picture with your dad, your grandma, with a tube of toothpaste. I’m all for it.

You can see what it looks like with my beautiful picture here. I was supposed to be taking a graduation selfie. But what is cool is that you don’t have to take it right then and there. You can upload a picture you already have. And honestly, it doesn’t even have to be a selfie. As long as you have yourself in it.


This is a great app to help pay for Starbucks or a movie ticket. Why not try it? 🙂

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