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An Overview of My Obsession with Apple Products

*this post includes affiliate links*

Oh Apple. How I love thee. Shall I count the ways?

  • You give me the best computer ever, which I spend most my free time on.
  • You created the Iphone. Enough said.
  • You designed the Ipad, which allows me to play games and surf the net when I’m not on my computer.
  • And finally, you created the Apple TV, where I can bing watch Netflix all day long.

Ok, joking aside, I love my Apple products. I got my Mac for college. Honestly, I will never go back. Even if these computers are WAY over priced. If you do buy a Mac, there are a couple of ways to save a tad bit of money.

If you are a student, parent of a college student, teacher, lecturer, or staff you can save about $150 off a Mac or Ipad. It isn’t much, but since they never go on sale, it’s worth it.

Or, you can wait for a ‘deal,’ usually around the holidays. The price is rarely lowered, but most stores give gift cards with a purchase.

When it comes to Iphones, it you can, wait till a new one comes out. If you don’t need the newest, the now ‘old’ model will be discounted (usually.) A lot of times they also run a special of some sort when you buy the new phone.

With Apple TVs…. you kind of just have to suck it up and pay full price. Sucks, but I have yet to find a good deal on one. That being said, while I love my Apple TV, I do use my Amazon Fire Stick a bit more.

Now owning over priced tech means you need to spend even more to protect it. I have a an Ibenzer soft-touch case¬†for my Mac. It does the job and doesn’t fall off.

I shelled out a bit of money for my Iphone case. I am a klutz and I don’t need a shattered phone. Make sure your case has a lip on the front to protect the glass. I’m currently using this one:

For my Ipad, well.. the lady really got me. She told me that the Apple Keyboard was the only one that really worked with the Ipad Pro. Not entirely true, just the only one that works perfect with the connector things and doesn’t have to be charged. If you have the money, do it. If not, buy a cheaper one.

The keyboard only covers the front, so I got this clear case for the back. It fits like a glove and its clear so you can see the pretty rose gold backing.

Have you joined the Apple cult? If so, what product is your favorite? If not, why not?


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