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Decorate Everything with Free Stickers!

It is National Sticker day today! I found some cool facts about stickers for you.


  • Stickers have their history in revenue or tax stamps which were used as early as the mid 1700s to collect tax or other fees on certain items, to which they were adhered, and later on in postage stamps.
  • In the United Kingdom in 1840, the first adhesive postage stamps in the world were used, which used a dry sticker formula that was moistened to stick the stamp to the item to be mailed.
  • Early stickers were paper stuck with gum glue, and were also used to make objects, such as crates, more attractive in the late 1800s.
  • The first modern stickers, known as self-adhesive labels, with a peel off backing, were made in 1935 by R Stanton Avery from Oklahoma, United States of America, who founded one of the biggest self-adhesive label companies, the Avery company which changed its name to the Avery Dennison Corporation in 1990.
  • National Sticker Day is January 13 in honor of R. Stanton Avery, who was born on that day in 1907. Avery was the original creator of the adhesive label with a removable backing.

The holiday was created by StickerGiant. I found this funny video of them trying to make the world’s largest sticker ball.

Ok, now on to what you really care about: free stickers!! Be aware that most the time when you sign up, you are also signing up for a newsletter. Just unsubscribe the first time you get it. 🙂

Sticker Pool:  Not really sure what kind of stickers they give out, but hey, free!

Outdoor Families


Jadelynn Brooke


Normal Brand


The Lucky Knot

But Honey

Cloud Nine

Digital Ocean


Alabama Outdoors

Lily Grace







Cotopaxi: I’ve gotten this one. It’s on my computer, although missing ears because my cat ate them.


Yellowstone or Bust


Back Country: I’ve been getting these for years.  I have one in every color possible

Got Science: Must complete the quiz to get the sticker

Southern Marsh

Helly Hanson

We Are Yoga

86er: You get a bag, magnet and other stuff too – North Carolina only

Hot Bodies

Digital Ocean


Revision Skis




Punisher Skateboards

Roll Your Own (harley)

Luxely & Bernard: this is a super cute elephant. Get it.

Hardcore Sport


Southern Girl Prep: Must connect with social media account

Ben Davis

I Love Soil

Not if Use


Camp of Champions




Lightening Labels

Stop Orcas in Captivity



Urban Wildlife

I Love NY Water

Sticker Genuis


Are you a sticker collector? What has been your favorite sticker of all time?

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7 Responses

  1. The Oracle says:

    Very nice! Thank you

  2. oh wow! What a huge list of free stickers! I have a toddler so stickers are very popular in our household! 🙂

  3. lakisha says:

    those are some great sticker idea, I gotta try them out!

  4. Lina says:

    Have you actually subscribed to Sticker Pool? I’m interested, but it seems like a scam. What’s your experience?

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